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Investment & business integration

Investment opportunities for growth

Finnish International Business Holding Ltd is actively looking for the innovative and added value products, companies and solutions from different Countries for private investment arrangements and further Internationalization and growth.

Our target is to find growing companies for commercialize and (co)finance businesses with proofed concept and working product or solution. We bring private investments from VC Investment Companies, and actively participate into business development, internationalization, localization and growth projects.

We are looking for investment opportunities into growing Businesses. Please send us your Business and Investment Proposals to office(a)finntegrator.com


We bring new effective business solutions, goods or service models for Target Companies. Very often it requires combining of totally different cultures, working teams and companies into one joint business. It requires changes and bringing of new and more effective and added value solutions. Finnish International Business Holding Ltd has this unique experience and ability to work with multinational teams and Businesses.

Company provides business development, consulting and business management services for International Clients for business optimization and bringing new competitive opportunities into a map.

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Finnish International Business Holding Ltd works closely with a number of organizations in ASEAN, Asian, Middle East, Eastern, European and Scandinavian Countries.

In Finland we co-operate with financial institutions, Chambers, International Trade representations and Embassies in Helsinki. We have been implemented a number of International Development projects as an Export Adviser and Project Management organization.

In Europe, Asia and Middle East we co-operate with business associations, Investment Funds, Chambers, technology development centers, cross-country trade organizations and local business co-operation Partners.

More info about some of our connections here

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